Extend the Schengen visa in Sweden – stay longer 

I can help you to apply for extended visa in Sweden. You can stay 90 days extra.

Extended visa in Sweden. I can help you prolong a 90 day´s Schengen visa so you can stay in Sweden up to 180 days.

Extended visa in Sweden

I can help you to extend your stay in Sweden – from 90 days to 180. You need to submit a special application for extended visa in Sweden and Schengen – which I can help you with. This kind of application can be submitted here in Sweden – you don´t need to leave the country. 

Application for extended visa in Sweden is different in many ways compared to the application for a Schengen Visa. It is submitted at the Swedish Migration Board (Migrationsverket) which you need to visit in person and go through a short interview with one of the staff. 

Family information

Migrationsverket require you to list your whole family when you do this application, which you don’t need to do when you first apply for a schengen visa. However, I simplify the process for you. You don´t need to fill out any extra forms yourself.

UT-kort – ID card for Europe

Visa to Sweden makes it easier for you to get the visa you want to Sweden and Schengen

If your application is successful – which it usually is if it’s done right – you get a so called UT-kort. The UT-kort is an ID-card that shows you have permission to stay in Sweden and the rest of the Schengen area for 90 extra days. 

Travel within Schengen/Europe

Visa to Sweden can prolong your Swedish Schengen visa from 90 to 180 days.

You can travel to other countries within the Schengen area if you want with the UT-card. Why not go on a romantic trip to Paris for instance – or travel to Milano and shop fashionable clothes. Most European countries – for instance France, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Germany, Greece, Holland and Norway – are members of the Schengen. 

My price for doing the whole application is 2 900 kronor. VAT included.

Application centers in Sweden

Visa to Sweden makes applications for extended visa to Sweden and Schengen

Migrationsverket have many application centers where you can book an appointment to be photographed and to submit the application. It depends which part of Sweden you are visiting. Right now, during corona, application can also be sent via mail to avoid personal contact. 

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