Other visa types to Sweden and Schengen 

There are many other visa types to Sweden for non Europeans. Visa to Sweden makes it easier to get a visa. We take care of the whole application process.

Most people from Thailand and other Asian countries go to Sweden with a Schengen Visitor´s Visa. But there are many other visa types to Sweden as well.

Other visa types to Sweden

There are many other visa types to Sweden, even if the Schengen Visitor’s Visa and UT Besök (Visitor’s Permit) are the most popular ones.   

D-visa – visa for special reasons

To have a child in Sweden but at the same time not live there can be a reason to get the special D-Visa approved - Visa to Sweden makes applications.

The D-visa is for persons with special reasons to visit Sweden longer than 90 days. It can be applied for instance if you travel to Sweden frequently for business meetings and then spend more than 90 days in Sweden for a 180 day period. 

Another example is if you have children in Sweden, travel a lot back and forth, and spend more than 90 days in Sweden during a 180 day period.  

It´s more difficult to get a D-visa than a Visitor’s Permit (UT Besök). You have to show clearly why you need a D-visa instead of a Visitor’s permit. 

Submit application at Embassy

Application for D-Visa shall be submitted to the Swedish Embassy in the country from where you are applying. The Embassy will process the application and decide whether you are granted the visa or not. The decision can not be appealed.

You must show that you can support yourself financially during your stay in Sweden and Schengen. You also need to have a return ticket – or show that you have enough money to buy a return ticket.

Business and conference visa

To get a Business and Conference Visa to Sweden and the Schengen countries you must have an invitation from a company or a private person in Sweden.

You must also be able to show that you have funds to support yourself while you are in Sweden and Schengen – and that you have an insurance that covers the cost in case you get sick and need medical care in Sweden or other Schengen country.

Business visa, D-Visa and Medical Visa are examples of special visas to Sweden and Schengen. Visa to Sweden makes professionell applications for you who want to be sure everything is right in the application.

Beyond this you need to convince the Embassy that the purpose with the trip really is professional and that you intend to leave Sweden before the visa expires.

If the Embassy think there are doubts about the purpose of your trip, they will either not grant you a visa or send the application to the Swedish Migration Agency for further review.  

Tourist Visa to Sweden

A Tourist Visa for Sweden can be issued if you want to visit Sweden as a tourist but doesn´t have an invitation from someone in Sweden.

You must show that you have enough money to support yourself during your stay in Sweden. You also need to have a return ticket – or show that you have enough money to buy one. The Tourist Visa is issued for up to 90 days.

Visiting Sweden. There are many other visa types to Sweden, not just Schengen Visa and UT Besök (Visitor's Permit. 

The necessity to have a visa applies to persons that are citizens of countries outside of the EU. There are exceptions to the main rules, some countries are excluded from the visa requirement, for instance Switzerland, Australia, Canada and the USA.

Visa for medical treatment

This is a visa for you who lives outside the EU and want to visit Sweden to get medical treatment. To get this kind of visa you need be able to certify that you need a special kind of medical treatment in Sweden that you can not get in your home country. 

Visum för medicinsk behandling i Sverige för utomeuropeiska medborgare. Du kan få hjälp med ansökan av Visa to Sweden

You must have a medical certificate from a doctor in Sweden that shows when and why you are going to get the treatment. You also need a certificate from a doctor in your own country showing that you can not get the same treatment there. 

More visa types for Sweden

There are other special visas as well, for example visas for exchange students, scientific researchers, cultural workers, people that practice religion, sportsmen and voluntary workers.

Visa to Sweden offer you an easier and safer way to get your visa. I make it clear what you need to do and I write an application for you that is correct and complete. 

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