Schengen visa application Sweden – checklist

Detta är vad du behöver fixa fram när du ska ansöka om visum till Sverige och Schengen. Visa to Sweden kan underlätta för dig och hjälpa dig med hela ansökan.

I have specialized in making applications for visitor’s visa to Sweden for people from Thailand and other countries outside of Europe. I take care of all the paperwork. Here is a list of the attachments you need for the application. 

Schengen visa application Sweden – attachments

Checklist for Schengen visa to Sweden.

The inviting person

Passport photo in color of the applicant, size 45 x 35 millimeter. Must not be older than 6 months and not be edited. 

Original passport. The passport must be valid at least 3 months after the date that the applicant returns from Sweden and the Schengen area. There must be at least 2 unused pages in the passport. If the visa is approved it’s printed into the passport. 

Photo copy of paid medical insurance for the Schengen area (for the period the applicant is in Sweden or other Schengen countries). 

Photo copy of return ticket to the homeland or document that shows the applicant can afford to buy one.

If the applicant is self employed a registration certificate for the company is required. 

The inviting person

Invitation form for the inviting person (or company) in Sweden. 

Documents that verify the inviting person’s economical status. It´s not needed if the applicant can support him/herself.

Checklist for Schengen visa to Sweden.

Copy of passport with biometric data or other kind of identification card.

Document that shows the applicant and the inviting person know each other well and have regular and frequent contact.

Also read: Visitor’s visa to Sweden and Visa to Sweden from Thailand. The fee to the Swedish Embassy and VFS Global, for the Schengen visa application Sweden, is in total about 100 Euro. The exchange rate may vary a bit.

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