Visitor´s Permit Sweden – UT Besök

UT-kortet ser ut som - och fungerar som - ett ID-kort för besök inom Schengenområdet

Do you and your Swedish friend want to be together for a longer time in Sweden? Then there is an option called UT besök – Visitor´s Permit to Sweden.

Visitor´s Permit Sweden (UT besök)

Visitor´s Permit Sweden (UT besök) is a kind of visa that makes it possible for you to visit your partner/friend in Sweden for a longer time – up to one year. The most common though is that you get 6 months.

If you are granted an UT besök to Sweden you can usually get a 6 months stay.

Migrationsverket – the Swedish Migration Board – review the applications for Visitor´s permit and decide whether you get a yes or no.

The biggest difference compared to a Schengen visa is that it´s the Swedish Migration Board – not the Swedish Embassy – that review the application and decide if you get a Visitor´s Permit or not.

How you submit your application

You have to submit the application in person at the Swedish Embassy in your home country. The embassy will then forward your application to the Swedich Migration Board in Sweden.

Application for Visitor´s permit to Sweden are to be sumbitted at the Swedish Embassy in your home country.

I can help you make a complete application – done in a professional way – correct and easy for the Migration Board to review and evaluate.

That gives you a maximum chance to get your application granted. My price for making a complete application for you is SEK 2 900.

The paperwork

Visa to Sweden can take care of all the paperwork when you apply for a Visitor´s Visa to Sweden.

I will also help you hands on with all certificates and documents that you need to enclose with the application. I will check that everything is correct and complete, that you have all the right documents and so on, before the application is submitted to the Swedish Embassy.

If, for any reason, you are not granted the UT besök, I can help you to make an appeal to a court in Sweden. The vast majority of such appeals that I make are successful. 

The advantage of UT besök

The big advantage of a Visitor´s permit (Uppehållstillstånd för besök) compared to a Schengen visa is that you and your friend in Sweden have a chance to be together for a longer time – without having to apply for an extension.

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The UT-card looks like – and works as – an ID-card within the Schengen area.

The downside of UT besök

Longer waiting time. The processing time for a visitor´s permit is about 3 months in total – compared to a Schengen visa that takes only a week to get.

You have to wait 2 months before you know if you will get your application approved or not. And you will have to wait one month further before you have the UT-card in your hand. You can compare that to a Schengen visa – which takes only a week to get.

If a Visitor`s permit is what you want I will fix it for you. But I would rather recommend to apply for a Schengen visitor`s visa instead. You get 90 days to begin with and you can apply for a 90 days extension in Sweden. Processing time for that application is less than a week. 

Documents and forms for application Visitor’s Permit

Application for Visitor’s Permit (165011)

Family details – appendix to application (239011). Information about close relatives in the home country.

Documents verifying that the applicant’s can be supported by the inviting person in Sweden, or that the applicant can support him/herself in Sweden during the prolonged stay.

Copies of the pages in the applicant’s passport that shows personal data, passport photo, personal signature, passport number, issuing country, period of validity and if there is permission to live in other countries than the home country. 

Copy of  plane tickets (round-trip) or documents showing the applicant (or the inviting person in Sweden) has enough money to buy a return ticket. 

Copy of passport, id-card or similar from the inviting person in Sweden. 

Document that shows you have an insurance that covers any medical costs that may arise while staying in Sweden and the Schengen area. 

The inviting person in Sweden must fill out and submit the following forms and documents: 

Invitation for visiting longer than 90 days. This f0rm must be filled out and submitted in original, signed by the inviting person in Sweden.   

Documents verifying that economical support is secured for the person who will visit Sweden.

Identity certificate invitation – a document from the Swedish tax authorities showing ID-information about the inviting person. 

Question form about the person who wants to visit Sweden. It is to be filled out if the Migration Board asks for it (T97).

The documents must not be older than 3 months. 

If the application is granted the applicant will get a residence card – an ID-card that shows tha he/she has the right to stay in the Schengen area for a certain period. 

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