Work permit in Sweden for your new employee

Work permit in Sweden. Visa to Sweden is a company that can help other companies in Sweden to process applications for work permit and cut waiting time.

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Work permit in Sweden

To get a work permit in Sweden for a non European citizen is a matter of handling huge amounts of forms, documents and certificates.

My name is Lasse Ahlberg and I run Visa to Sweden. I make it easier for companies in Sweden who want to recruit and import labour from non European countries. I take care of all the paper work and all the bureaucracy that is a necessary evil when you want to hire somebody from outside the EU. 

It´s a complicated and intricate piece of work to apply for a work permit in Sweden is. It´s easy to do wrong and get the application rejected. I can relieve you from that. I help you to get everything right and to get the application through the Migration Agency´s machinery smoother and faster – to a reasonable cost.

The three steps of the application

There are mainly 3 steps in an application for work permit in Sweden for a non EU-citizen. Visa to Sweden can help you with the whole process.

If you have a Swedish company, this is the basic order when you want to import labour from outside EU:

1. The company must begin by advertising the job in Sweden via “Arbetsförmedlingen” – the Swedish Public Employment Service. The ad must be displayed in all EU/ESS-countries plus Switzerland for at least 10 days before the company can invite someone from outside the EU.

When a Swedish company wants to recruit a new worker from outside Europe the job first has to be advertised in the whole of EU/ESS plus Switzerland for 10 days

2. The next step for the employer is to fill out a form and make a formal invitation to the person they want to hire. First though, the invitation must be sent to a trade union. If the trade union return a positive or neutral statement the invitation can be forwarded to the person you want to hire.

3. The last step is to help the worker to do a formal, personal application for work permit. When that´s done, he/she must sign it in the country where he/she is a citizen and submit it to the Swedish Embassy in that country.

This is what I do exactly:

  • I write the recruitment ad and publish it according to the rules of the Swedish Public Employment Service and the Swedish Migration Board.

  • I write the employment offer (6 page form) and send it to the trade union for evaluation.
  • When the trade union has responded with a statement I put it in the invitation form.
  • After that I send a complete offer/invitation to the applicant on behalf of the company.
  • Finally I write the application for the person the company wants to employ. This person will most likely need quite a lot of help with the application, the required documents and different certificates.

The whole idea is to make the process easier for the company and the new employee – and to minimize the risk of failure with the application. 

Faster processing time

I´m regularly in touch with Migrationsverket – the Swedish Migration Agency. There is no fast lane for applications, but there are ways to cut processing time.

If the application is made in a professional way, flawless and following the guidelines and routines of the Migration Agency, the processing time will be shorter and the company can get the worker here faster. 

Contact info Visa to Sweden

Visa to Sweden
Phone: +46 76 170 86 36.

Det går bra att ringa till visumhjälpen hos Visa to Sweden gratis via Line eller Whatsapp från var som helst i världen.        Du kan ringa till Visa to Sweden gratis från hela världen om du har Whatsapp.

Line and Whatsapp: +46 76 170 86 36.

Price for the service: 790 Euro.

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